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New EP this Wednesday!

2012-10-01 18:04:39 by MaterMuertos

So since I'm new to this, I really don't know how many people will read this post. Hopefully this will get enough attention for me to get off the ground as a music artist.

So I've been making music for awhile now, but since I was never able to put together a band, it's never gotten recorded. I've taken many of these songs and remade them in 8-bit form, a few which I've already shared on Newgrounds, as well as my Facebook page. They've gotten some attention already, enough so that I've put up two singles last month on available for download). Now that I've completed several more songs, and continue to make more, I will be releasing my first EP this Wednesday, October 3rd, at 8:00 PM Central Time. I'll leave the link below for the website to go to:

This EP will be for sale, but even if you don't buy, it'd still be appreciated if you listen and spread the word if you like it. It also comes along with downloadable goodies too, so don't take it completely for granted.
Hope all of you enjoy it! After this one is released, I'll do my best to post songs here still, but most of my work will still go towards future albums. See you on Wednesday!

P.S. Later this month, me and one of my friends are getting together with a team we've put together to start in on a game project (here named Project VX) that we've been meaning to do for awhile, but haven't had time to. I'll be posting later if it proves to be successful; I'll be directly heading music design for this if it does. Money from any music I sell will directly contribute to the creation of this project.

New EP this Wednesday!


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